I’ve been involved with sessional teaching in experimental drawing at the National Art School in Sydney for a few years, running workshops and teaching first-year classes.

The coursework I’ve developed explores the question ‘What can drawing be?’.

We examine the many ways in which drawing is incorporated into contemporary art practice, and how it has developed from fundamental cultural communicative mark-making on surfaces and bodies, always evolving, to adapt into new technological frameworks such as ‘augmented reality’ applications and digital media platforms today.

Weekly courses and exercises range across media and methodology exploring topics including Frottage, Tracing, Relational Aesthetics, The Material Line, Single Medium Abstract, Optics, Illusion, Basics of Perspective, Performativity, and Drawing Machines.

NAS is a great independent art school, with a strong studio-based teaching model, sited within a walled 19th-century sandstone ex-prison complex in the heart of Sydney. It’s a distinct privilege to teach drawing there.