platform 2018

3.30-5:30pm Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 June 2018

Platform is an annual salon of performances coordinated by De Quincey Co Events and staged at Articulate project space in Sydney Australia.

Platform 2018 artists :  Karen Cummings, Stella Chen, Tess de Quincey, Suzan Doumit, Jacques Emery, Martin Fox, Peter Fraser, Ryuichi Fujimura, Raghav Handa, Linda Luke, Audrey McAllister, James McAllister, Farangis Nawroozi, Raynen O’Keefe, Georgie Read, Vsevolod Vlaskine, Toni Warburton, Gary Warner, Marcus Whale, Digby Webster

Works in Platform 2018 by Gary Warner

Breath Bottles. Many performers move around in the gallery space, each carrying one or two small empty glass bottles. Each person blows their exhaled breath across the top of a bottle to make a clear single tone. Each bottle produces a different note.

The performers sound their notes over and over as they wander the space. The various tones combine to create a continuously changing spatially shifting soundscape. 

Performed by various artists and audience members.

photo: Vsevelod Vlaskine

Scritch – A cluster of circular forms is on the floor. They are the cut off bases of plastic water bottles. One performer slowly attempts to push the unruly group across the floor. Another performer holds a microphone in one hand and a portable speaker in the other. The scratching sounds of the group migration are amplified.

Performed by Tess de Quincey and Gary Warner.

photo: Vsevelod Vlaskine

Stone Bottles (drop) – Two plastic columns hang between the upstairs balcony and the downstairs gallery. Each column is made from 1.5-litre water bottles. The bases have been cut off and the bottles pushed one into the next and taped together to form long tubes.

At the top of each tube, a performer slowly drops small quartz pebbles into the opening, at intervals. The pebbles fall down the tube, clattering rhythmically as they’re forced to move through each bottle neck in the descending sequence. 

One tube is connected into an empty 12-litre plastic water-cooler bottle placed on the gallery floor. Each pebble makes a distinctive clunk as it hits the bottom. The other tube ends a meter above another 12-litre water bottle. This one has its top cut off and is half-filled with water. The pebbles exit the tube, fly through the air and make a kerplunk sound as they drop into the water.

Performed by Gary Warner and Toni Warburton.

Stone Bottles (dark) – Seven performers crouch on the ground along one wall of a night dark space. Above them the words ‘forest frogs night crickets’ glow in the dark.

Each performer holds two small empty glass bottles. At random intervals, but with a sense of constraint, the bottles are struck against the concrete floor to produce short sharp notes. Each bottle produces a different sound. Together they sound like frogs calling. Gradually, one after another, the performers stop striking the ground and start shaking the bottles. Each bottle has a dozen or more small quartz pebbles inside. This sounds like crickets.

The audience listens, together in complete darkness.

Performed by  Stella Chen, Ryuichi Fujimura,  Audrey McAllister, Raynen O’Keefe, Toni Warburton, Gary Warner and Marcus Whale.