I curated the group exhibition FIELDWORK:artist encounters shown at the Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, University of Sydney 07-30 July 2016.

detailed information is at :

Participating artists were:
Barbara Campbell
Eugene Carchesio
Maria Fernanda Cardoso
Jeff Doring
Helen Grace
Josephine Lie
Jon McCormack
Carl Warner
Gary Warner
Catherine Woo
Williams River Valley Artist’s Project : Suzanne Bartos, Neil Berecry Brown, Sue Callanan, Juliet Fowler Smith, Noelene Lucas, Margaret Roberts, Toni Warburton, David Watson

image: a quivering marginalia by Gary Warner and Jon McCormack (left); mystics and prophets by Eugene Carchesio (right) – FIELDWORK:artist encounters, Sydney College of the Arts Gallery, 07-30 July 2016