stone garden drawbot

STONEGARDENwidestone garden drawbot isĀ an experimental work I created for SoundBitesBody #23, staged at BigCi artist residency at Bilpin in the Blue Mountains outside Sydney on 06 February 2016.

STONEGARDENstones_detailThe intention of the piece is to create a space analogous to a zen stone garden, in which a simple robot wanders leaving traces of its movements. Over time, as the robot navigates the space, avoiding the stones, the surface becomes covered in lines. When the installation is complete (in this case, when we packed up at the end of an afternoon of performances and sound works) the arena and stones are removed to reveal a drawing that delineates the stones’ presence through the absence of linework where they once sat on the paper. Form is emptiness, emptiness form. STONEGARDENdrawing_detail